Kevin Hudson

Kevin Hudson is a 4th Dan Shidoin and the British Birankai Treasurer.

He started Aikido under Cassells Shihan and has taught at the Austrian Summer Camp in addition to training with Cassells Shihan around the world.

Wellington Tsang

Wellington started aikido at his first week of Aston University in 1989 after studying fencing, jiu jitsu and karate during his school years. He left University ranked 3rd Kyu and continued his training at Ei Mei Kan after a brief break whereupon he was promoted through his Dan rankings by the Dojo head Chris Mooney.

His Aikido training and friendships have resulted in visits to Hombu Dojo in Tokyo, San Diego USA Summer Camp, Labaroche (France Spring Camp), San Francisco, Athens, Auckland and Singapore Dojos. He also attended Aikido Anniversary celebrations all over the UK and Doshu Courses in San Diego, Duisberg and Cardiff.

Wellington started teaching Aikido in South Manchester in 2006 and has made contributions to the Birankai magazine Musubi and is currently Musubi Sub Editor and a 3rd Dan Fukushidoin (Birankai recognised Instructor).